I'm a loud mouthed lover of cats and data.

I think code should be free, scalable, and beautiful. Intellectually curious and self-driven, I and strive to learn as much as possible everyday. Data is wonderful. Everything is better with data, and data is better when it's beautiful.

I'm currently working at Octoblu as a software engineer.

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I've helped run HeatSync Labs, a hackerspace in Mesa, AZ, since 2012. I help maintain the space, hold open hours, host different events bringing tech into the community(Coffee&Code, HackPHX), and teach classes on different topics(soldering, piano, DNS, musical theory, 3D printing). In the summer of 2013, I was accepted to Recurse Center and spent 3 months in New York becoming a better programmer.

Video games are a second passion of mine. I was a professional video game player for years, and helped tutor autistic kids using video games. I believe that video games can be used to enhance the learning process, and help with multiple other aspects as well. I love to dance and make others smile.